New Boats! Fluid Do-It-Now!

We promised you hard shells appropriate to the Verde River in addition to the inflatables. Well here they are!

We searched long and hard for the perfect Verde River boat and we have found it! It must be beginner friendly, handle rocks and shallow spots because we all know the Verde is a wealth of low water opportunity! It must be sit on top because the insurance suits don't think beginners and Arizona Rivers are a good match and that's the one time we agree with them. For those that might rent that aren't beginners, it must still roll cleanly and handle the bigger waves as well as the more technical creeks we have all around us. This is a tall order, and we had to search very wide to find it but we finally did.

The idea was to take the phenomenal creek boat hull of the Bazooka and convert it into a craft that is extremely stable and forgiving but also high performance. What they created was the greatest sit on top of all time!

Bobby Miller

The Fluid Do It Now is based on Fluid's very forgiving creek boat, the Bazooka. It's sporty, it can play with the big dogs in just about anything, but it has a nice flat bottom and well thought out rocker and chines that give the beginner the confidence they need to try the tougher line in a rapid. After testing an example, we fell in love with it as a near perfect Arizona river boat, but had a crazy time getting a hold of any of them. For those that do not know, Fluid is a South African company, so we definitely meant it when we said we went wide! There aren't many in the US at all either, so renting, taking a class or a tour with us on a DIN will be a near exclusive experience for some time to come. We couldn't get our hands on too many yet, but you can bet we will be finding a way to get more at the first possible opportunity.

How can I try one?

You basically have three options:

  • Take a tour
  • Take a class
  • Rent it
All of these options are first come, first serve. Some tours might even be dedicated to Fluid DINs only. Classes will definitely rely on the boat if you don't have your own already because they are great at ferrying, eddy turns, and many other skills we teach. Rentals are pretty easy too because as an 8 foot, 45 lb boat, they can fit on or in most vehicles and trailers. Whatever your preferred way to run a river, remember, Do-It-Now!

From Fluid

The perfect beginner kayak that handles like a whitewater kayak, but if you swim you can just get back on.


  • You will have as much control of the Do It Now on whitewater than your friends in sit-in whitewater kayaks.
  • You will have the confidence that a easy to edge and roll design gives.
  • If you do swim just get back on in the water.
  • No more panicking upside down in a kayak.
  • No more long swims to the river bank.
  • A beginner can tag along with a whitewater kayak trip.
  • Better edging and rolling than other sit-on-top designs.
  • Excellent river runner sit-on-top kayak that makes grade 1 to 3 whitewater a breeze.
  • No long swims as you can just get back on in the water.
  • The perfect beginner kayak.


  • With the unique raised knee area combined with knee straps you will get the same control with this sit-on-top as in a whitewater kayak.
  • Wide and stable design makes the Do It Now a beginner friendly kayak.
  • Fast, stable and forgiving proven whitewater hull design based on the Bazooka creek boat.
  • Hatch for stowing personal kit.
  • Available in three sizes.
  • Save money: Fluid sells direct to end users.
Whitewater kayak performance and sit-on-top confidence included.

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