It's Been a While!

We have had plenty of website issues over the winter, so we though we should come back with something big.... How about Paddlefest!

Since our last post, we've been busy. The winter doesn't stop paddling sports in Arizona and we had a great 2015, but we spent more time than we had planning for an even better 2016. A big part of that preparation was for Paddlefest! What is Paddlefest you ask? Well it's only the biggest celebration of kayaking, canoeing, paddle boarding and outdoor, human powered water based fun in the state! South by Southwest has supported Paddlefest even before the company was official, and this year we just made it even bigger. Check out the photos and let us know what you would like to see out there next year....

The County Description of Paddlefest

What is Paddle Fest you ask? It is a great time for everyone to come out to Lake Pleasant Regional Park and try different forms of paddle craft (sit on top, touring, sea and Hobie pedal kayaks, outriggers, rafts, white water kayaks, canoes and stand up paddle boards)! You can bring your own paddle craft too. The event also offers an array of fun activities, free to use demo water craft (in a designated cove), and live music!
Who can attend? Anyone, so bring your family and friends! Life-vests are provided and required for water recreation participation. Bring your water clothes and plan on getting wet!

For 2017, we are already planning on going bigger. More games, more water craft, and more food! South by Southwest has always had snacks and treats for those young and young at heart, but we want your input. In the midst of a day of paddling, games and swimming, what would you want out there? Planning starts now since 2016 is behind us and we always want to bring you exactly what you want or need out at the Lake so write us today with your ideas and inspirations. Help make 2017 the year of the paddle out at Lake Pleasant!

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