Fast-Advancing Time and a New Plan

This site has changed a lot and so has South by Southwest. We have a new plan for the articles here, and we hope that you like what we have come up with!

It has been a long, busy three years! South by Southwest was a concept around this time in 2013, and it was officially recognized by the state of Arizona in early 2014. In that time, it's been a whirl wind of meetings, contracts, negotiations and planning. We don't imagine you want to know all the boring details of inter-office paperwork and permit contracts, you want to get out and explore! It's your adventures we have been talking about all along and the company was planned to make things work for you to get out there. We have come up with some new ideas for the digital world though that we think you should know about.

There is no rushing a river. When you go there, you go at the pace of the water and that pace ties you into a flow that is older than life on this planet. Acceptance of that pace, even for a day, changes us, reminds us of other rhythms beyond the sound of our own heartbeats.
Jeff Rennicke, River Days: Travels on Western Rivers

Streams represent constant rebirth. The water flows in, forever new, yet forever the same; they complete a journey from beginning to end, and then they embark on the journey again.

Tim Palmer, Lifelines

In all the hustle and bustle of the last few years, some things have been forgotten. At times we tried to rush the river. Obviously not literally, but in a figurative sense we have fought against the stream, pushed up against the flow, and been pushed back down. For all our love of the beauty and the power of the wild spaces, we have tried to share it with everyone at once and it doesn't always work. We have labored long to bring you the experiences you deserve and along the way we learned that this world wide web, and even the business of outfitting itself is like the stream. It is a constant rebirth, a journey that will repeat without end.

What does this mean for you, dear guest?

As we learn, so we want to serve you better. This post is to be a starting point of this reborn website. It should be an ever growing source of information and enlightenment. You may notice from the past posts recovered from the older versions of the site that we like these quotes with so much meaning. We will continue to use them in these articles where appropriate and we hope that you gain a piece of the tranquility and beauty that they embody when you can't be on the river or trail with us. We intend for the growing center of information that is our site and social media will help you find ways and opportunities to explore more. And if you have any questions or ideas along your journey, that you will reach out to us and share them

So how will this be accomplished? What's this post about?

Well partially, we have to admit it is a bit of a tease. We do have one project that has taken up a ton of our time that we believe is coming to fruition. We will definitely have more news right here the moment we have 100% confirmation. It's a good one too!

Second, with the new design of the site and the much more robust underpinnings, we promise to work harder on regular information. The plan is to attempt to add a new, useful article every other Monday from here forward. Some will be about gear, others about technique, or anything else fun and interesting in the world of outdoor adventure sports. We aren't writers, so please forgive us if there is an occasional typo or we miss a deadline. This is new territory for us. But we are kayak instructors and outdoorsmen and women first. If there is one thing that all our adventure travels have taught us, it's that we keep practicing. In the river of life, we are all, always, still students learning. That means challenges, errors, and continuing on down this journey of life. Will you paddle with us along the way?

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