Who We Are

One for the Verde, originally a project of Verde Valley Land Preservation, is continuing to grow under the roof of Friends of Verde River Greenway with funding from the Walton Family Foundation. We are working in collaboration with organizations, businesses, municipalities, and individuals across the Verde Valley to restore and preserve the Verde River, our precious water and beautiful natural areas. People involved in the process have been working on Verde River issues for decades.
The idea for One for the Verde came from other successful local funding initiatives, primarily 1% for Open Space in Crested Butte, Colorado. 1% for Open Space is the oldest, most established and most successful collection program of its kind in the country.  As of 2011, they have raised over 1.7 million dollars to preserve over 4,500 acres in Gunnison County.  The lessons they have learned in around 10 years of existence form the basis for our program, One for the Verde.
Our Mission:
Partnering with local businesses to preserve our streams and support a healthy economy.
Our Vision:
A healthy, free flowing river and thriving Verde Valley economy that support each other.
Our Team:       
Carrie King is One for the Verde’s Program Director. With us since mid-December 2014, Carrie has greatly expanded participation in the program. Business contributions for February 2015 were more than double that of any previous month and she has fostered enthusiasm for Verde river projects within the business community. Formerly a wildlife biologist and bison herd manager with AZ Game & Fish, Carrie has a natural ability to connect with all sorts of people finding ways to work together for mutual benefit.
Bob Rothrock was born 60+ years ago. He has tried to have fun and improve the lives of others. He is happiest when he can do these simultaneously. Some would say he has been moderately successful in these efforts. Others might have a different opinion.  Bob is a retired middle school social studies teacher and former Cottonwood City Council member. He is currently the president of Verde Valley Land Preservation, a group dedicated to preserving and enhancing open space. As a board member of the Verde River Valley Nature Organization, Bob also organizes river experiences for the public. He enjoys lots of outdoor recreation activities. Bob and his wife, Kristen, have lived in Cottonwood since 1979 and have two grown children.
Chip Norton is the President of Friends of Verde River Greenway and has been a Verde River kayaking enthusiast for many years. Chip is retired from the utilities construction industry. He is also on the board of the Verde River Institute and part of the management team for the One for the Verde project.
Harry Sweet is the Treasurer of Verde Valley Land Preservation and Friends of Verde River Greenway and part of the management team for the One for the Verde project. Harry works in the wine industry and is also a river boating enthusiast.

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