Equipment Repair

We have the skills to fix it right, just like our own gear.

Essential Service Information:

Items Repaired:

Kayaks, canoes, rafts, floats and small boats. Backpacks, tents, lanterns, stoves, sleeping bags, sleeping mats and cots. Wet or dry suits, splash gear, some dry bags, coolers and water containers of various sorts. These are just some ideas, call us if you have something else.


Gear can be dropped off at either office - 551 N Main Street, Cottonwood, AZ 86326 or 11802 N 67th Avenue, Glendale, AZ 85304. Calling ahead is recommended though to be sure that someone with experience in your problem will be there to consult with you.


Most repairs can be completed in a week or less but specific time will depend on the type of repair, the specific details and extent of work needed, and the current log of work ahead of you. If you need a rush job, please specify and talk directly with your repair tech as to your specific needs.


Most types of work are billed at $35 per hour actual time spent on your repair, and minor parts or materials (under $10 are included). More costly parts or materials are billed out at actual expense, and custom work may come with special pricing. Anything requiring an outside contractor will be billed at actual outside contractor pricing.

Custom work:

Repairs do not need to return the item to factory spec. If you want a special modification done in the process, talk to your repair tech and many customization options can be included subject to the hourly pricing.

Make sure to bring:

All necessary pieces and parts to the item, as well as any supporting gear or repair materials you might have. If we can use your supplies, the cost will obviously be lower.


  • Professional trained repair techs.
  • Consultation on all repairs and quotes prior to the start of work
  • Minor parts and materials where appropriate
  • Cleaning and polishing of item after work complete
  • Followup consultation on work done, ongoing maintenance and damage prevention

Call 623.565.8432 or 928.421.1288 to fix it now!

Project Description

We are trained in most forms of kayak and outdoor gear repair to be able to maintain our equipment. As professional guides and tour staff, our guests expect and deserve the best possible experience and unmaintained gear can't provide that level of experience. For that reason, our guides and office staff are trained in repairs and our principle owners are well versed in both field and shop maintenance of most outdoor gear.

If you have a broken kayak, backpack, tent or other piece of equipment, we have the skills and tools to put it right again. Plastic welding, chem-welds, sewing, patching, cleaning and servicing of most gear is well within our grasp and if we don't have the resources to take care of your broken item in house, we probably have a partnership or subcontractor who can. It can't hurt to ask right?

Project Details

Dates: Year Round