First off, to address why you're on this page - yes, there are real people behind this site, working in a real store and warehouse in Tempe AZ. We're easy to find, and easy to do business with. If you have a problem, you can ask for the owner and get something done about it. We've never been sued, never had a BBB complaint lodged against us, never even had a credit card chargeback where we were at fault. Not many businesses can say that about their online operations. Our retail store is pretty darn spiffy too.

From our retail store we sell backpacking gear, camping supplies and kayaks from Hobie and Native Watercraft . We are a "mini store" for Wide World of Maps and maintain an inventory of more than 6,000 local, regional and world maps, atlases and globes. Locally, and nationwide though this site, we rent all the camping gear basics such as tents and backpacks; hard to find rental gear like water filters & trekking poles; and handheld GPS units for trail use and geocaching events.

Out of our 6,000+ square foot retail and warehouse facility in Tempe, Arizona we meet the needs of the family-of-four; the solo long distance hiker; or a group of hundreds going on a retreat - anywhere in the country. I suspect we rent more outdoor gear than any other single location in the country. We ship rental gear directly to you at any location you specify, or you can stop by our store for gear sales and rental pick-ups. Use it, enjoy it, re-box it and drop it off at a nearby UPS Store or other UPS authorized shipping center, or drop it off at our store. Check us out at work and play on our Facebook page - we need some more fans anyway. is just one of the family of web sites owned and operated by Mast Advertising & Publishing, Inc, the parent company's awkward, but legal, name. Mast has been around since 1959, and has served hundreds of thousands of customers nationwide; probably you can count on us too. Check online, you won't find any negative reviews on us - except for that one Yelper we irritated sometime back - but that's not bad considering as long as we've been around. My family wishes they only had one complaint against me in the last half century. And, we are still in the print advertising and publishing business - for more than 55 years now. For more info on what all we're into, see our really dull corporate site.

Peppered throughout the text on the site are tales with references to "me", "I", "we", etc. That would be me, Dallas Shewmaker, owner of Mast, this site, and your basic hiker and backpacker whenever I can get out of the office. I get the credit or blame for whatever you see here or experience while doing business with us. See my story here. Want to send me an e-mail? Use the form on our Contact Us page; it will go straight to me. Call us, and there's a good chance I'll answer the phone - listen for the Southern drawl, such as you'll hear in this radio interview I did on a local radio station if you click on the play button:

Our expert staff has walked and talked what we carry, and is glad to help you with your gear or GPS selection process to make sure you have the best trip possible. We also have lots of help resources on this site; start here to look for answers. Or, just drop us an email with your inquiry and contact information or a good time to call you on the phone if you prefer. Give us a couple of hours - we might just have to come in from the trail before we get back with you!