FVRG_Logo FINALFriends of Verde River Greenway

Friends of Verde River Greenway (FVRG) is a non-profit 501 (c) established to restore, preserve and promote the natural, cultural, scenic and recreational resources of the Verde River and its tributaries.

FVRG believes that as one of Arizona’s last free-flowing river system, the Verde River and its tributaries are an environmental and cultural treasure for the Verde Valley and beyond. FVRG also believes the Verde River and its tributaries are an economic driver for our local communities.

Established as a Friends group with AZ State Parks, FVRG holds precious the AZ State Parks areas formally known as the Verde River Greenway. FVRG also embraces the value of the Verde Watershed, a vast area that includes National Forests, National Parks, AZ State Parks, local municipalities and private land ownership. Through our collaborative, partner-driven programs, FVRG envisions a free-flowing river that will benefit our communities for generations to come.


TheVerdeRiverWatershedThe Verde River and its Tributaries

As one of the last free-flowing river systems in the State of Arizona, the Verde River and its tributaries create a unique riparian ecosystem that supports local communities, wildlife and flora along its 140 mile flow. The area boasts one of the only 20 Cottonwood-Willow Gallery Forests in the world and over 80% of the wildlife in the area depend on the Verde and its tributaries for habitat, including several threatened and endangered species.

The Verde River and its tributaries flow through three National Forests, provides water to irrigate local agriculture crops and provides recreational activities to local residents and visitors alike.  The Verde and its tributaries are a significant contributor to the vitality of the local communities through which it flows. Ultimately, after flowing through Arizona’s only designated Wild & Scenic River, the Verde brings clean drinking water to over 2 million residents in the greater Phoenix area.

The Tributaries: Granite Creek, Sycamore Creek, Oak Creek, Wet Beaver Creek, West Clear Creek, Fossil Creek, The East Verde

Local Communities: ClarkdaleCottonwoodCamp VerdeSedona, Rimrock, Page Springs, Cornville

National Forests: Prescott National Forest; Coconino National Forest; Tonto National Forest

State Parks: Dead Horse Ranch State Park; The Verde Greenway State Natural Area; Red Rock State Park; Slide Rock State Park

Local Birds & Mammals: Great Blue Heron; Belted King Fisher; Black Hawks; Desert Bald Eagle; River Otter; Beaver

Threatened and Endangered Species: Southwest Willow Fly Catcher, Yellow-Billed Cuckoo; Narrow Headed Garter Snake; Mexican Garter Snake